We produced and installed equipment for the receipt and transport of the materijals in the construction industry (production of specific materials and paints for construction industry): – Silos of large dimensions and capacities with filters and other supporting equipment and steel constructions – Rotary valves 400 – Pen stock caps / Slide gates – Screw.. više →

08 Jul 2019

Screw conveyor 250x13000_ 316L

We produced and installed specific screw conveyors used in food production industry (dimensions: fi250x13000mm, material inox AISI 316L). više →

30 May 2019

Production of new ship shafts_ 19

We successfully completed the production of large scale ship shafts. više →

15 May 2019

Reservoirs 60m3_ 5.19

We have finished the production of specific reservoirs with double cylindrical sections between which is fitted a spiral of metal frames along the entire length (the volume of the reservoir – tank is 60m3 and cylindrical section is Ø2500x12m). više →

03 May 2019

Ship shafts _ 5.19

We have completed one project related to production and repair of ship shafts of various dimensions on our specific machines and we produced steel and bronze shells. We have certificate/approval for production and repair of ship shafts issued from Serbian Ministry of construction, transport and infrastructure. više →

22 Apr 2019

Reservoir – tank 40m3 _ 4.19

We have completed the production of a specific vertical tank (reservoir) of 40m3 (with insulation) used in the technological process in the food industry. For more details, also see => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o46VENvqbNw više →

We have completed production and installation of specific stainless steel tanks (reservoirs) used in the production of specific materials for the construction industry. više →

11 Mar 2019

Stainless steel tanks_ 3.19

Stainless steel sheets bending and production of specific stainless steel tanks (reservoirs) in progress. više →

We produced specific silo cells (tanks, reservoirs) of large dimensions (5m diameter and 19m height, as well as other with similar dimensions). više →

11 Jan 2019

Screw conveyors 1.19

We produced many screw conveyors of various dimensions, baskets with screw extractors and other similar transport equipment used in animal feed production. Screw conveyors, elevators and other various types of conveyors are standard equipment and products from our product portfolio that we regularly produce according to the requirements of our customers. više →