Equipment in sugar factories

Company Tehnoradionica AD was established in 1911, under the name “Radionica – Workshop”, with its main objective to build and then to maintain new Sugar factory in Zrenjanin (to produce and install new processing equipment and maintain exisiting production lines and equipment). Since its founding until today, the company has undergone many transformations and today operates in majority private ownership.

Throughout its rich history, the Company has positioned itself as one of the leaders in the production of equipment in sugar factories, installation and maintenance, both in Serbia and in the region. For all produced and maintained equipment, we have complete technical documentation and “know how”.

Equipment and machinery in the sugar industry:

  • Stone catcher / remover /cutter “SOKOLOV”
  • Grass, straw and hay catcher / remover
  • Self-cleaning grate with rollers for separating grass and leaves from beets
  • Beet unloading device (kinet) with pneumatic nozzles
  • Beet cleaning and washing
  • Vibro grid and vibro separator
  • Line for dry unloading of the beet
  • Rollen Rost
  • Equipment related to the Steam dryer for beet noodles (conveyors and other)
  • Screw conveyors, belt conveyors, roller conveyors, scraper – chain, bucket elevators and other.
  • Condensate collector
  • Filters: Granpon and “DDS” filters
  • Lime milk classifier and separator.
  • Brown sugar mixer “Majuška”
  • Lime kiln chimney
  • Devices for first and second saturation – carbonation – saturators
  • Vertical cooler for “C” sugar
  • Radial decanter for separating solid phase particles from water from flooding and washing beets
  • Horizontal sugar cooler
  • Extraction device “DE-SMET”
  • Refrigerator-cooler for pelleted noodles
  • Horizontal stone separator when dosing of lime kilns
  • Centrifugal crumb separator
  • Maintenance of dryers and washing devices
  • Classifier
  • Multicyclones and cyclones for dust removal
  • Vibrating screens, equipment for separating dust from the coal
  • Rotary and other dispensers
  • Other equipment and maintenance of existing equipment