Quality Policy

In order to gain investor confidence, the quality of products and services and relationship with customers, represent the basis of business operations of Shareholding Company Tehnoradionica, Zrenjanin.

Quality policy of the Company TEHNORADIONICA, certified for the production and maintenance of processing equipment, is based on a long tradition and commitment to constantly improve the quality of our products and services, all in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

The basic principles of the Company’s quality policy are :

  • Meeting the requirements, needs and expectations of our customers is our first and ultimate priority and business guidance for all our activities;
  • Achieving the desired quality required by our customers, the security and reliability of our products and services, all in compliance with relevant legislation and standards;
  • Permanent improvement of quality and efficiency is based on responsabilities of all departments and each individual engaged in the activities assigned to them;
  • The continuous increase in the overall level of knowledge, competence and capabilities;
  • To reach maximum motivation of employees in the Company, to achieve a great cooperatin among themselves, to increase trust and sense of belonging to the collective;
  • Permanent improvement of efficiency, effectiveness and overall perfomance of the Company