• Cutting of sheet metal on hydraulic shears (max thickness of 10-12mm and 3000mm width) – 4 pieces.
  • Cutting of sheet metal, pipes and various profiles on straight and circular saws (max to cut Ø300mm or 300x300mm) – 3 pieces.
  • CNC plasma and gas cutting (working table 2000x6000mm) – 2 pieces.
  • Manual (handheld) cutting machines (plasma) – 4 pieces.
  • Round bending of various profiles, pipes and strips.
  • Round bending of cylinders of different diameters on rollers for circular bending (max thickness of 20mm and 2500mm width) – 6 pieces.
  • Bending of sheets/plates under angle on hydraulic presses for straight bending (max thickness of 15-20mm, 5000mm width) – 2 pieces.
  • Sheet profiling.
  • Eccentric presses for stamping and punching – 2 pieces.
  • Automatic and straight CO2 welding process, simultaneously with two burners.
  • Welding process with argon and other welding processes for which we have appropriate certificates (welding processes 111, 135, 138, 311…).
  • Metal processing by deformation on presses (vertical hydraulic press of 300 bar and horizontal hydraulic press of 100 bar, 164t pressure) – 2 pieces.
  • Bridge cranes with electric lift of 5t, height of 10-12m – 2 pieces.
  • Smaller cranes with electric and chain lifts – 13 pieces.
  • Forklifts “Linde” (3t, 4t, 5t) – 6 pieces and other additional necessary equipment.


Machining sector:

  • Universal lathes up to ɸ1600 mm diameter and a maximum length up to 12000 mm – 12 lathes of various dimensions.
  • Milling machines with dimensions of working table up to 1100x600x600 mm – 4 machines.
  • Shaping machines with max dimensions of working table up to 2300x1200x800 mm – 3 machines.
  • Drilling machines with dimensions of working table up to 2300x1200x700 mm – 7 machines.
  • Special features of machining.